Christine Gertler

Documentary Photographer | Filmmaker | Storytelling Consultant

Photos and Videos to
inspire change and understanding

I am a German-based Journalist, Documentary Photographer and Filmmaker on telling stories about social, humanitarian and environmental issues. My work focuses on under-reported stories about people living in difficult and often dire circumstances and on the preservation of nature and indigenous culture. I truly believe in the power of visual storytelling.

My true passion is to photograph real people in real situations and I love to travel near and far. I share authentic stories, as they’re told to me, with photos, videos, graphics and words. With my photos and films, I want to raise awareness of important topics such as rights of persons with disabilities, vulnerable children, child abuse, humanitarian relief, women’s rights and the relationship between humans and nature.

My mission is to create stories that inspire hope, inform the society about often overlooked issues, change behavior, connect with donors and raise funds for different programs.

Filmaufnahmen Christine Gertler

I work with nonprofits, aid organizations and NGOs to document their work and to better understand the personal struggles and triumphs of people in uncertain and critical situations. I als work for editorial offices, agencies, companies and social enterprises worldwide.

I am available for international assignments, documentary, editorial, event or corporate work and for speaking at conferences and workshops.


After my professional education as an Industrial Business Management Assistant, I studied Multimedia and Communication (Bachelor of Arts) and Multimedia-Didactics (Master of Arts). During my studies, I set my focus particularly on journalism with an emphasis on photography and video journalism.

In addition, I completed a journalistic traineeship and worked several years as a Videojournalist, Multimedia Editor and Research Assistant before I started to work independently as a freelance Journalist, Documentary Photographer and Filmmaker.

I also work as a Digital Media Designer and Childcare/Kindergarten Photographer.



Photo Reportage – Telling stories with Photos
Ulla Lohmann, Duisburg

Humanitarian Photography,
Cinzia D’Ambrosi, Photojournalism Hub London

NGO and Humanitarian Storytelling through Photography,
Kate Holt, Arete, Frontline Club London

Video Production for NGO’s & Humanitarian Storytellers,
Clementine Malpas & Leslie Knott, Tiger Nest Films, Frontline Club London

NGO and Humanitarian Content Gathering in Challenging Contexts,
Nadene Ghouri, Arete, Frontline Club London

Filmmaking Masterclass,
Philipp Bloom, London

Are you interested in working with me?

I am available for assignments in Germany and worldwide. Please contact me.